python-cluster is a package that allows grouping a list of arbitrary objects into related groups (clusters). Simply give it a list of data and a function to determine the similarity between two items and you're done.
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I'm not familiar with RPM-distributions but as far as I know it should be something like

rpm -i <filename.rpm>

RPM-source Installation

This is something I don't know. If somebody can enlighten me, please do!

Binary/Source installation

Untar the package with you favourite archive tool. On the console it will be something along the lines

tar xzf <filename.tar.gz>

Next, go to the folder just created. It will have the same name as the package (for example "cluster-1.0.0b1") and run:

python install

For this step you need root-priviledges


Execute the executable file and follow the instructions displayed. Default values will be fine in most cases.


Simply follow the same instructions as with the Linux-Source installation.


The order of implementation of the different clustering algorithms might change.

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